Your Care is

Our Priority

Trained Caregivers Offering Post-op Care, Medication Management,
24/7 Live-in Care, and More

Your Care is

Our Priority

Trained Caregivers Offering Post-op Care, Medication Management, 24/7 Live-in Care, and More

Home Health Care Provider in Baltimore, Maryland

Infinity Care Services is a home health care service provider serving in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Columbia, and Ellicott City in Howard County and Harford County from Bel Air south. We offer services for as little as 2 hours to 24-hours.

Who We Are

Our professionally trained caregivers are dedicated to offering direct care. Our staff is well-experienced in ensuring culturally competent care for varied clients with diverse needs. Whether your loved one is dealing with dementia, Alzheimer's, hospice, or needs post-op care, medication management, or 24/7 live-in care, we can handle it all.

Infinity Care Services, LLC
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Message from Our Founder

They say that most careers are conceived by accident. Mine happened when I was 10. It was the first time I truly touched a person's life, in my opinion, when I saved an infant from drowning in a pool. A seemingly innocuous reflex action, coupled with a little bit of courage, profoundly impacted the boy's life and mine.

Although the encounter was brief, it was surprisingly fulfilling. An overwhelming realization of accomplishment and self-worth spread rapidly throughout my body as no other prior deed had. At that moment, I became acutely aware I wanted to help people and forever relive that sensation of happiness from moments of compassion. With each experience, to this day, I'm left with an awestruck feeling of purpose, knowing that it only takes a simple kind gesture to brighten someone's day.

My health care journey began 14 years ago when I sought to assemble a team of like-minded individuals who shared my vision of compassion and affinity for practicing in the health care industry. Our team has over four decades of health care services experience, and we're committed to creating meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling lives for our clients and their families. We tirelessly strive to make a difference and positively impact the lives of others. This is our measure of success.

Experienced in the Art of Caring

Infinity Care comprises a dedicated community of caregivers who would do this job for free if they could and consider their service a calling. We recognize outstanding performance, value direct communication, and support a culture of accountability.